Congress bursaries for early-career researchers

Early-career researchers presenting their work at The Biochemistry Global Summit may be eligible to apply for an SPB, FEBS or IUBMB bursary to support their participation. Read on!

There are three bursary schemes for the IUBMB–FEBS–PABMB Congress offered to encourage participation of eligible early-career scientists submitting an abstract to the Congress as first author. The scheme you can apply for depends on where you are studying or working.

For full eligibility criteria, information on what the bursary supports, and details of how to apply, follow the links below: 

  • SPB Bursariesfor young scientists from Portugal who are members of the Portuguese Biochemical Society (SPB); for more information, click here. Deadline is February 20, 2022.
  • FEBS Bursaries: for early-career scientists from FEBS countries (Europe and some bordering countries with a FEBS Constituent Society, excluding Portugal); for more information, click here. Deadline is March 10, 2022
  • IUBMB Bursaries: for early-career scientists from IUBMB countries beyond the FEBS area; for more information, click here. Deadline is March 10, 2022