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SPB Bursaries

SPB bursaries are available to support participation of young scientists from Portugal in the The Biochemistry Global Summit (the IUBMB–FEBS–PABMB 2022 Congress) and are funded by the Portuguese Biochemical Society (SPB). The bursaries will cover the early registration fee

Applications for SPB Bursaries are possible until February 20, 2022.

Eligibility criteria for SPB Bursaries

The applicants should:

  • be regular members of SPB; please note that fully paid-up membership is required
  • be under the age of 35, at the time of registration payment, except if studies were started later, or were delayed by maternity leave (18 months per child), prolonged illness or other personal reasons
  • apply via the online Congress registration system
  • submit an abstract to the IUBMB–FEBS–PABMB 2022 Congress as first author
  • submit a CV and Letter of Motivation

How to apply

Applications for SPB bursaries must be submitted through the Congress registration system no later than February 20, 2022.

(1) Select the SPB Bursary Applicant registration category, as applicable.  

(2) Complete a registration order valued at 0 Euros by entering your details on the registration form and selecting the SPB waiver option.

(3) Upload your CV (including all university degrees and a list of publications), your letter of motivation (describing your reasons for attending the Congress and signed also by a supervisor), a certificate of SPB membership, and scan of your ID as supporting documents. Please note that all documents should be uploaded in one pdf file.

(4) Submit your abstract through the Congress abstract submission system as the first author, according to the guidelines on the Call for Abstracts page.  


The applications will be assessed by the SPB Directive Committee. Candidates will be notified about the evaluation outcome via e-mail by March 1, 2022.

Until the announcement of the evaluation results, the registration/participant status of applicants for SPB bursaries will be held as pending. After outcome notifications, successful applicants will be waived for the registration fee, whereas the others will be able to switch to the Young Scientist category in the Congress registration system to complete registration with payment.

Abstracts from the applicants will be included in the evaluation for oral presentation at the Congress. If you are interested in oral presentation opportunities, please answer 'yes' to a question on this in the abstract submission system. Assessment for this will be carried out later by the Session Chairs of the Congress in consultation with the Local Organizing Committee, with notifications due by April 7, 2022.