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The Portuguese Biochemical Society

The Portuguese Biochemical Society (SPB) is one of the largest scientific communities in Portugal, bringing together interests and activities from different topics in the field of molecular biosciences.   

SPB was founded in 1957 as an independent section of the Lisbon Society of Medical Sciences. It became an autonomous society on 18 February 1975.  

SPB’s mission is to promote teaching, learning, social awareness, and research on biochemistry in Portugal and abroad, as well as to stimulate scientific enlightenment in this field of knowledge. Through the organization of national congresses, meetings of affiliated societies and thematic groups, and the promotion of interactions with other national and international scientific societies, SPB has been promoting the meeting of researchers, professors, students and professionals for the discussion and presentation of scientific topics with common interests, thus playing an important role in the dissemination of biochemistry in Portugal. 

SPB encompasses affiliated societies and thematic groups, whose size and international connections justifies their independent existence. The affiliated societies play a very important role in national and international activities in biochemistry, by organizing thematic meetings and congresses, by their ability to attract new members, and by their role in representing the SPB in international federations. 

SPB aims to promote scientific exchange with its international partners, as a member of FEBS and IUBMB, as well as an associate of PABMB, IUPAB and EBSA. 

For more information, please visit the SPB website: spb.pt