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Invitation for Sponsors & Exhibitors


On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee you are warmly invited to The Biochemistry Global Summit taking place from 9th to 14th July 2022, in Lisbon, Portugal. 

We are honored to be hosting in this joint event the 25th IUBMB Congress, the 46th FEBS Congress and the 15th PABMB Congress – and we are committed to ensuring this event will bring you great value as a sponsor and exhibitor. 

Organized by the Portuguese Biochemical Society (SPB), in collaboration with IUBMB, FEBS and PABMB, The Biochemistry Global Summit will be a great opportunity for delegates to be updated with the latest discoveries in the field of biomolecular sciences and interact with scientists from all over the world. The program covers a broad spectrum of timely topics in the fields of molecular life sciences, ranging from fundamental subjects and approaches to applied research with impact on human well-being and technological development, bringing together top professionals in a true “global summit”, a label reflecting its diversity, quality and modernity.  

We are aiming to bring together in this post-pandemic era more than 2000 participants from all over the world — to gather in Lisbon highly distinguished professors, as well as young researchers in biochemistry, molecular biology and related life sciences. This may be a great opportunity for you as a sponsor to reach once again in person a variety of scientists, delivering and exchanging information about your products and services. A wide range of opportunities exist for sponsors and exhibitors, so you can choose the package that fits best your marketing strategy. We would love to have you as our partner! 

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee,

Local Organizing Office: Alive Travel - DMC & PCO 
Contact person: Marisa Oliveira
E-mail: lisbon2022@alivetravel.com