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Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues, 

It is with real pleasure that we proudly announce that Lisbon, Portugal, will be the host city of the 25th IUBMB Congress, the 46th FEBS Congress and the 15th PABMB Congress, in one single global event named The Biochemistry Global Summit, happening from the 9th to the 14th July 2022.  

Organized by the Portuguese Biochemical Society (SPB), in collaboration with IUBMB, FEBS and PABMB, The Biochemistry Global Summit will be a great opportunity to be updated with the latest discoveries in the field of biomolecular sciences and interact with scientists from all over the world. 

Lisbon is one of the most dazzling cities in Europe, flanked by the Tagus River, with great weather and about 290 sunny days each year. It’s an historical city full of stories to tell, yet cosmopolitan where nowadays you can find all kinds of cultural entertainment and activities to suit every taste. 

The Biochemistry Global Summit will take place at Lisboa Congress Centre, located in the historical area of Belém, by the Tagus River.  

The program covers a broad spectrum of timely topics in the fields of molecular life sciences, ranging from fundamental subjects and approaches to applied research with impact on human well-being and technological development, bringing together top scientists from all over the world in a true “global summit”, a label reflecting its diversity, quality and modernity. A range of science-related educational and social topics as well as an exhibition from commerce and industry are also included in the program. The summit will be preceded by the Young Scientists’ Forum taking place in Vimeiro, near Lisbon. 

We are working hard every day to make the event in Lisbon a milestone of a new reality in which we can get back together personally and share all the experiences that enrich us as professionals and human beings. 

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to warmly invite scientists from all parts of the world to join us at The Biochemistry Global Summit the 25th IUBMB, 46th FEBS and 15th PABMB Congresses, and we look forward to welcoming you in Lisbon in July 2022! 

Yours faithfully, 

Graça Soveral
Miguel Castanho 
Local Organizing Committee 

  • Graça Soveral (Co-Chair) School of Pharmacy and Research Institute for Medicines, University of Lisbon, Portugal 
  • Marco Domingues Miguel Castanho (Co-Chair) School of Medicine and Instituto de Medicina Molecular, University of Lisbon, Portugal