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Social Programme

The Social Programme of The Biochemistry Global Summit will include:

Welcome Reception in the Congress venue

Saturday, 9th July 2022
Start: 18:00 (till 19:30)

Location: Lisbon Congress Centre (CCL)
About the Event: After the Opening Ceremony we invite all participants of the Congress to network with your colleagues in the Rio Pavilion of the congress venue where the exhibition and the poster area are located. This historical building was launched on May, 1957 and was for 40 years the space for the International Fair of Lisbon.

Dress Code: casual
Menu: snacks and drinks
Price: included in the registration fee

2022 Congress Dinner 

13th July 2022
20:30 (till 22:30); 
Location: Casa do Alentejo
Address: Rua das Portas de Santo Antão 58 (Rossio/Restauradores)
Dress Code: Casual
Menu: Salmon with vegetables and mustard sauce / Duck leg with spinach / 'Sericaia' with plum ice cream
Price: 40 EUR
Please note the number of participants is limited.

FEBS YSF Bridge Event

Monday, 11th July 2022
Start: 13:15 (till 14:15)
Pavilion 2, Congress venue

This activity aims to gather young scientists who want to learn more about the FEBS Young Scientists’ Forum (YSF) and other activities for young scientists (FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE Conference). We will share recollections from previous YSF events, and also present opportunities to participate in next year's YSF, which will be held in Tours, France.We warmly invite all PhD students and postdocs of the Congress to participate in this event – together we will build a bridge between FEBS YSFs in the past and in the future!After the talks we encourage you to chat over drinks and snacks and make new acquaintances with peers at the Congress in a fun and friendly atmosphere. There will also be an interactive quiz for prizes (Congress Dinner ticket)!

The YSF Bridge Event is organized by the FEBS Working Group on the Careers of Young Scientists.

Meet the FEBS Press Editors

Monday, 11th July 2022
Start: 18:00 (till 19:00)
Pavilion 2 (bridge area), Congress venue

Join us for an after-Congress drink and informal conversation with our journal editors.An opportunity to network with your peers and learn more about the FEBS Press journals.Drinks and snacks provided.

The Meet the FEBS Press Editors event is organized by Wiley.